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The Mishpucha Program

Do you love being a Grandparent? Do your Grandchildren live far away? Are your Grandkids getting older and no longer want to play? OR Have you ever wanted to be a Grandparent and just never had the chance!!!

Well here is your opportunity, Temple Emanu-El has a perfect solution for you!!!

Now you are asking yourself, what is the Mishpucha program?

This wonderful program was developed about two years ago by Temple Emanu-El members. The program’s purpose is to provide surrogate Grandparents for a family with one or more children. The main idea is to create a special intergenerational family bond at Temple Emanu-El. The program encourages relationships between the younger and more mature generations.

As everyone knows, family relationships are so important. Companionship is vital to our existence. This program helps each family in so many different ways.

Here are some ideas of how TE Mishpucha families spend time together:

  • Temple events
  • Family services
  • Jewish holidays
  • Shabbat at home
  • movies
  • out for dinner
  • the beach
  • swimming at home
  • doing homework together
  • community events, library, and Mishpucha events.

Other ideas include recognizing each others Birthdays, special days, communicating on the phone, sharing Jewish recipes, and sharing family stories.

This Mishpucha program only suggests guidelines. Each Mishpucha match develops a relationship that works for both them. Some Mishpucha families meet often for dinners and shabbat and playdates, while others prefer meeting for special occassions.

The experience of meeting someone new or creating a better bond with someone you already know can be an unforgettable experience. The Mishpucha committee can match you up with your family or you can come to us with a suggested family.

Please call the temple's office at (941) 371-2788 or email us at info@sarasotatemple.org. Once your application is completed, we'll help you make your Mishpucha match!

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